Сьома рамкова программа (РП7)

A pocket guide for newcomers

Do terms like “FP6”, “CORDIS”, “Specific Programme”, “Call for proposals” sound rather familiar to you? Have you participated in earlier EU research Framework Programmes? If so, then you should probably stop reading here. If not, then the following pages might bring you a little closer to participation in “FP7”. This document is a simple guide on how to get involved in the 7th Framework Programme for EU research (FP7), which is the European Union’s main instrument for funding research in Europe.

The guide will tell you which areas and activities the EU plans to fund under the programme, and where to go if you want to apply for that funding.

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FP7 leaflet - taking European Research to the forefront

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The 7th Research Framework Programme and its instruments

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FP7 slide presentation

The FP7 presentation will help you understand better the impact of EU funded research and to answer questions such as:

Why does the EU need to invest more in research?
What is the impact of the FP on the economy, science and technology?
What is its budget?
What is its overall duration?
Which research areas does it cover?
What is new about FP7?
Where can I find more information about European research?

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