2013-09-02 IMBG Young Scientist Grant Call

COMBIOM partners – IMBG, IIMCB (Poland) and IGR (France) – launch the IMBG Young Scientist Grant Call in order to encourage young Ukrainian scientists to carry out independent research, help them to increase impact of their research, and to discover young Eastern European scientific leaders of the XXI century.

The applicants must be young IMBG scientists under the age of 35 with a PhD degree or defending their thesis in 2013 and must have at least one paper in English in an international peer-reviewed journal to apply.

Each laureate will be awarded max. 4 500 euro grant to be spent on the following:

  • Participation in one international conference of preference
  • Research training (preferably minimum 1 month) in a laboratory of preference: IIMCB or IGR or in one of the institutions represented by the COMBIOM International Advisory Board (IAB) members http://www.combiom-fp7.org/advisory
  • Disposables costs (enzymes, chemicals, laboratory supplies).

Deadline - October, 11, 2013, 23:59 CET.

Call details and Application Form are in the files attached.
COMBIOM Young Scientist Grant Call
Grant Application Form