Strengthening Cooperation in Molecular Biomedicine between EU and Ukraine (COMBIOM)

The Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IMBG NAS of Ukraine) participated in the 7th EU Framework Program, (FP7): Reinforcing cooperation with Europe’s neighbours in the context of ERA (ERA-WIDE) and received funding of the implementation of Strengthening Cooperation in Molecular Biomedicine between EU and Ukraine project (COMBIOM), which is coordinated by the Institute.

The project was submitted to the special call in 2010-2011, which was aimed at expanding the European Research Area (ERA) by discovering the most promising scientific centres in EU’s neighbouring countries and providing them with possibilities for fast development and acquiring the role of a leader in their countries and the status of equal partners in European scientific research.
Ukraine submitted 53 project proposals to this call and the funding was obtained for 7 of them, COMBIOM, in particular.

СOMBIOM is the only Ukrainian ERA-WIDE project in the field of life sciences. It envisages the integration of IMBG, NAS of Ukraine – one of the leading scientific centres in the field of molecular biomedicine in Ukraine with great potential for further development – into the European Research Area (ERA). This is the perspective of even closer cooperation with the European Union and of carrying out researches on the highest European level. It is extremely important to coordinate scientific directions, funded by the European Commission (EC), and the directions of study of Ukrainian scientists in the field of molecular biomedicine. The Institute should serve as a leader of its field, which will work at the enhancement of Ukraine’s participation in European scientific projects, spreading the information about FP7 and its experience of international cooperation with European colleagues.

The implementation of the grant will benefit greatly from the experience of international cooperation and running of European projects of our colleagues from the European institutions – COMBIOM partners: Gustave Roussy Institute of Oncology (France) and the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (Poland). Both institutes are leaders in the field of molecular biomedicine in their countries, have a lot of experience of carrying out scientific researches in ERA, moreover, the cooperation with these European institutions has already had a long history in our joint researches and international projects.

The implementation of the project requires the enhancement of the role of IMBG NAS of Ukraine in the development of fundamentals of biomedicine, the expansion of the social role of this scientific direction in Ukraine, the creation of conditions for mutual interest of scientists and society in the results of these researches. The project envisages encouraging scientists to publish their papers in the world-renowned scientific journals and to share their experience of working with foreign colleagues, holding scientific conferences, lectures, participating in exhibitions, inviting journalists to conferences, having round tables for mass-media to discuss the role of science in society, studying the needs of consumers of the results of biomedical researches – both medical workers and patients.

During the next three years IMBG NAS of Ukraine has a great endeavour to pursue – to use the experience of its partners of how to be a coordinator of the European level, to prove to EU its capability of being an active participant of EU calls for scientific and technical programs, to establish international consortia for biomedical research, to win grants and to run projects smoothly, and to achieve maximal adjustment of the results of its researches to the level of actual needs of the society, thus enhancing the social relevance of science in Ukraine.

Funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Research area: INCO.2011-6.1 Eastern Europe and South Caucasus

Project Acronym: COMBIOM
Project Reference: 294932
Start Date: 2011-12-01
Duration: 36 months